Composition as a lifestyle

2010-04-24 21:17:44 by Krupinkin

I looked over the ng and found many artist that desrve to be published. Really. The do not even deserve that, they simply muct be published as their art will find its audience.
Hope you find the way through and will be respected. Thet is my whish to you!

No I own a home studio!

2009-03-10 19:40:48 by Krupinkin

At last I have a small studio :)

So I am using TUned PC with Juli2 sound card.
Mixer - behringer.
mic - Shuaye SYC 4000 (sounds really not bad! phantom power)
Midi - Roland pc 160A
Studio monitors - Fostex PM 0.4 (18 W each, small but sounds supprisingly good)
all hi end commutation
soft - Cubase 3 SX

Latest purchase - Mac Book Pro 17' Core Duo 2.16 2 GB RAM
Logic!!! RULEZ!

Now I am a bit closer to the happiness lol

nevermind my spelling mistakes :)